Justin Bieber- Boyfriend video

justin bieber photoshoot boyfriend 02 300x300 Justin Bieber  Boyfriend video

Här är en teaser (förhandsvisning) av videon till singeln Boyfriend. Hett.


  • Anonym
    29 Apr 2012 | Permalink | Svara

    This is about Justin bieber and Amanda magnusson!

    I have known amanda in many years, but now that we’re not friends anymore I decided to tell the story about her and justin. or what I know.
    we never talked about Justin, she kept it very secret because she did not want people to know. I was the only one who knew anything, and her mother.

    Justin and Amanda met in Germany, she was there with friends. they met at a restaurant where Amanda’s friend started talking to Justin’s friend. they decided to meet up later, which they did.
    when they met up with Justin’s friends again justin where with them, it was so amanda and J got to know eachother. they became friends quickly, and they did nothing with each other, he has NOT been unfaithful to his girlfriend, that i can be nice and say. although I would like to spread an evil gossip about her, but no, they did nothing, not even a kiss.(i think) that was the only time they met, now they’re talking several times on the phone, often! Justin has said that if amanda didn’t live that far away, she had been a perfect girlfriend for him. He often says that he misses her and wants to be with her. He also said he is in love with her. she feels the same and probably would do anything to be his girlfriend. but both know that it doesn’t work right now and they will continue to be good friends until they can’t be that anymore. what they will be then only they know. 
    that’s all I have to tell you, there’s more but I dont want to go too far, not for now :) . why I’m telling you this is beacuse amanda happened to tell a big secret I had for someone. So in your face BITCH!

    You can find Amanda at her instagram – magnusson08

  • 12 Maj 2012 | Permalink | Svara

    You is creezy you like mig i like not you!!!!


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