Ny photoshoot med Justin [bilder]

justin bieber photoshoot boyfriend Ny photoshoot med Justin [bilder]

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justin bieber photoshoot boyfriend 02 150x150 Ny photoshoot med Justin [bilder]justin bieber photoshoot boyfriend 3 150x150 Ny photoshoot med Justin [bilder]justin bieber boyfriend 150x150 Ny photoshoot med Justin [bilder]

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  • Marielle
    17 Apr 2012 | Permalink | Svara

    Hi! I just have to know if you know anything about this. I am from Sweden and have heard for a while that justin has met and is still talking with a Swedish girl. why I’m so curious is because my sister knew this girl for very long time ago and she also heard it from her friends. I know nothing about the girl more than she has instagram where her name is magnusson08 and she is very cute i think! 
    I have also had a bieberblogg and then somebody wrote something about this but I did not take it seriously at first, but now that my sister told me and I heard more about it, it seems supposed to be something. And for a long time ago i think Amanda tweet to Justin that she miss him and he answer miss u 2.
    If you know anything you may well blog about it or answer in the comments! Take care / Marielle (sorry if my english is bad!!:):))


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